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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should I expect? 

Voyager Canoe

Our voyager canoe is a stable vessel that seats up to 10 and has a captain who will take the reigns with steering and instructions. This is a leisure trip along a picturesque section of the Missouri River where you'll paddle in nature, explore sandbars when available, relax, and make memories that will last a lifetime.  

Into to Missouri River Paddling Class

Our Intro to Missouri River Paddling Class was created for guests who want to paddle the Missouri River independently or in tandem, but need a guide to show them the ropes of entering and exiting the river, navigating wing dams and buoys, dealing with potential barge traffic, and finding the best spots to take a break to rest, explore, and eat lunch. The day will start with classroom instruction at Paddle Stop New Haven, then we will shuttle up river to Hermann, MO where we will begin the 16 mile guided paddle back to New Haven, MO. 

Q. What should I bring?

Voyager Canoe

You can bring a small six pack cooler to fit under your seat. Plan for water and beverages to last the duration of your trip. You may want to bring snacks. The voyager canoe trip from Hermann to New Haven includes lunch and water. You may want a change of clothes and/or shoes in your car for after the trip. 

Into to Missouri River Paddling

Bring a small cooler with lunch and water/beverages to last the duration of your trip. We will stop on a sandbar to eat lunch together as a group. You may want a change of clothes and/or shoes in your car for after the trip.


If you have your own canoe or kayak that you would like to bring to become more comfortable paddling on the Missouri River, that's great! We just ask that you let us know on the booking form so we can plan accordingly.

Q. What should I wear?

Dress for the weather and in layers. Make sure you can fit a PFD over your clothing. Please note that when the sun goes down, it can get cold on the river--even in summer. Please plan accordingly. 

Wear shoes that can get wet and that you won't mind (or lose) if you step in mud. 

Wear sunscreen and reapply often. 

Wear a large brim hat and sunglass. You'll want to make sure that both can be secured in case of wind.

If you have your own PFD that you love and fits you well, you can bring it. Otherwise you will be fitted for a PFD to wear.

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